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“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy fans will know it as “Middle Earth”. The rest of us know it as New Zealand. J.R.R. Tolkien’s tale of adventure and romance filled with mythical creatures such as faeries, dwarves, hobbits, and more could not have been filmed in a more appropriate area of the world than New Zealand. The country’s diverse and beautiful landscape was the perfect “Middle Earth” and director Peter Jackson, a native New Zealander, made the most of what the country had to offer. Locals would have recognized “Hobiton” as the rolling hills of Matamata , “Mt. Doom” as the volcanic district of Mt. Ruapehu, and the “Eregion Hills” and the “Pillars of Argonath” as the country’s adventure capital, Queenstown.

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The breathtaking views in the movie are attributed more to Mother Nature than Hollywood craft and wizardry. New Zealand is located within the Ring of Fire. No, this is not another imaginary creation of Tolkien. It is in fact, a region which circles the Pacific Ocean wherein volcanic and seismic activity is triggered by tectonic plate movements.

New Zealand is known for its scenic landscapes of snowcapped mountains and rolling green pastures. Its warmest months are January and February while its coldest are June and July. Its climate is mild with four seasons.

So what are the things visitors go for when they get to New Zealand? Well, for starters, outdoorsy tourists will really have a field day here. Active volcanoes, snowcapped mountains, crater lakes, braided rivers, forests, fiords, lonely lighthouses, and wild beaches, everything’s here!
For those who’d like a glimpse of the country’s fauna, visit the Auckland Zoo. This place has activities and events for both kids and adults alike all year long. If theme parks are your thing, go to Rainbows End, New Zealand’s largest theme park. It is situated on Manukau in South Auckland and is its main attraction.

If you’re not scared of heights, there’s also the Sky Tower, Auckland’s most famous landmark and is the tallest tower in these parts. Visited by over a million people each year, Sky Tower is part of Sky City.

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This is a great place to play the tables or just take a romantic evening at Orbit, an unusual restaurant located at the pinnacle of Sky Tower.


Extreme sports and thrill-seeking fans will love the Auckland Bridge Bungee, the world’s first harbour bridge bungee jump. Jump off Pier 2 and take the plunge over Waitemata Harbour, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. For those in top physical condition, take part in the Auckland Bridge Climb and join professional climbers climb up the 200-feet bridge. Don’t worry, there are ladder-like pathways that will make the climb easier for beginners. Your reward awaits you at the top where you get a 360 degree view of the beautiful and magnificent city of Auckland.

Whale watching at Kaikoura coastline is a nature lover’s experience of a lifetime. See Sperm Whales in their natural habitat; some can grow as big as 20 meters! The best part about this is Sperm Whales come by all year-round so no matter what season you visit, you’ll still get a chance to view them, live! Like seals and dolphins too? Well, they come by too so don’t miss this chance.

The Maori are the first recorded people to live in New Zealand. They are descended from the Polynesians who came to the islands over a thousand years ago. Rotorua is the heartland of the country’s Maori culture. It is also famous for steaming hot pools, geyser activities, lakes, and mud pools. It is the traditional meeting place of all the Maori tribes.

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For beach bums, take the 90 mile walk down New Zealand’s longest beach and witness the region’s Sahara-ish sand dunes and white sands. If you’re feeling peckish, Mission Bay is home to several cafes and the best and finest restaurants in the country.

Although its cities such as Auckland are quite cosmopolitan and its locals are mostly urbanized, New Zealand has managed to maintain its natural and pastoral atmosphere. Movie makers love to use its scenic beauty in their movies. Prince Caspian, the latest instalment to the Chronicles of Narnia series was filmed in this part of the world. It seems Hollywood has fallen in love with New Zealand and it is guaranteed you will too!







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