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“The Land of the Midnight Sun”---this is what Norway is sometimes called because a third of the country is within the Arctic Circle and the sun shines continuously in this region from May through July. If there was ever a place when a watch or clock is absolutely necessary, it is in this place since you can easily get disoriented because of the 24-hour daylight. But many visitors say that they feel more relaxed here precisely because there seems to be no concept of time, thanks to continuous daylight.

During midwinter months, the northern area is dark all the time. The nation’s most famous son, composer Edvard Grieg, tried to capture the moods created by the drastic changes of the seasons from light to dark through his music.

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But the midnight sun is only one thing that brings fame to Norway. Another one is the Northern lights, or “nature’s light show”, the Aurora Borealis. Technically, this phenomenon is caused by solar flares that come in contact with the Earth’s gasses which result in this fantastic display of color and light.
The aurora borealis can be seen in all countries within the region of the North Pole but the spectacle from Northern Norway is one of the best in the world. The lights are sometimes multi-hued, sometimes just computer green curtains or wisps of light. No two sightings are ever the same so you can never tire of this natural phenomenon.

Norway is generally a land of rugged, pine-topped mountain ranges, glacier gouged valleys, and fjords. The skerry guard, a line of off-shore islands, acts as a shield along the nation’s coastline and forms an inland waterway. “Norway” actually means “northern way” and its inland waterway links the numerous fjords which should have been isolated by the country’s rugged terrain.

Vikings, pirates of the sea who plundered and killed, founded many modern day cities and colonies including Dublin and Greenland. It is from the coasts of Norway that these marauders took off on their longships. But plundering and murdering was not all they were known for. They were also skilled administrators and traders. It is just that most history books emphasize and romanticize the terror these invaders brought to its neighboring countries, though their ruthlessness as warriors was all too true.

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Nordic mythology is another legacy of this race which is comparable to those of the Greeks and Romans with their own pantheon of gods and goddesses.


But the Vikings were not the first people to live in this part of the world though they were most definitely the most famous. Less glamorous and more “earthy” are the Sami or Lapps. They populated Norway 11,000 years ago and are essentially “nature people”, much like the Native American-Indians of North America. And like them, the Samis had once been in danger of dying out but today their culture and people live on and they have their own flag and parliament separate from that of the rest of Norway. They generally live in Northern Norway, an area which is also known for its wildlife.

Though Northern Norway is obviously a “must-see” area of Norway, Eastern Norway also has its own unique attractions. Oslo, the nation’s capital is located in this region, so is the Jotunheimen National Park, famous for its wild and tall mountains, especially the Galdhopiggen, its highest peak.

For history buffs, Central Norway or the Trondelag is the country’s center of history and heritage. Its islands of Hitra and Froya located on the Trondelag coast are the best places to go fishing for salmon and experience the way of life of early Norwegians. Don’t forget to visit Trondheim, Norway’s capital of technology and home to the Nidarosdomen Cathedral, its famous cathedral.

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Known for its white wooden houses, rocky coastline and small villages, Southern Norway is the country’s summer capital, especially Sorlandet with its beautiful coastline and skerries, cosy towns and villages.

Norway is a beautiful country full of natural wonders, scenic landscapes, and a rich historical past and heritage. Norway is truly as romantic as it sounds; the aurora borealis experience itself is already something to write home about and that’s just one attraction in this “Land of the Midnight Sun”.









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