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Just northeast of Madagascar lies the little archipelago nation of Seychelles. Though the French were not the first to discover the uninhabited islands, they were the first to populate it with, bringing with them slaves from Africa (same as in Reunion) and the majority of the races living here are of French and African descent though there are a few Indian and Chinese groups sharing this part of the world with them.


The majority of residents of Seychelles live on Mahe Island, its largest island. It is also where its leading port and capital, Victoria, is located. The official languages of the country are Creole, English, and French. Most residents are Christian, and a majority of them are Roman Catholics.

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A country made up of two distinct island groups (a group of low-lying corals which cover the south side and the Mahe group in the north to which all major islands in the country belong to), Seychelles’ has 83 coral islands that are mostly uninhabited as they are without their own water resources. Its principal islands are: Mahe Island, Praslin, Silhouette, and La Digue. It also has 28 smaller islands in the area.

Seychelles’ major attractions lie in its natural resources. Though it has a lot of activities to offer its visitors, it is really a nature lover’s paradise. The numerous species of wild birds alone will keep you occupied for weeks no to mention the various tropical fish and underwater activities the islands have to offer. Because the islands had been “discovered” just a few centuries ago, many of the flora and fauna found here are endemic. This is good news for scientists for it means species on the island are rare and can be found nowhere else in the world.

It is also a good thing that the government places a high priority on the preservation of the country’s natural assets. But tourism being what it is, some of the island’s natural resources are being plundered by greedy capitalists who think nothing of destroying, for example, ocean beds to sell souvenir corals, all in the name of the almighty dollar! Though this is not a unique problem, government is trying its best to preserve what Mother Nature has so generously given them.

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There are some similarities between animal and plant species in Madagascar and Seychelles as they have similar geology. But Seychelles has something the other country doesn’t; the coco de mer or literally “sea coconut”. It is a coconut with a two-lobed nut in one husk and it is a species of plant-life endemic on these islands. African influence is dominant in the country and the Seychelloise government offers plenty of support to its local artists and gives funding to institutes that cater to the arts and culture of the nation.


You will find many African influences in many, if not all, of the country’s artworks, literary works, and music. Seychelles beautiful surroundings and easy paced life attracts many artists as well as entrepreneurs to come and set-up shop selling souvenirs and arts and crafts.

The moutia dance, incorporates African traditions with those of other influences that have arrived in the islands. There are also sega dances that are also found in the Reunion Islands. The banjo, African drums, accordion, and violins are used along with indigenous instruments such as the bom, the makalapo, and the zez to make unique, home-grown Seychelloise music.

There are any things to see and do in Seychelles. For starters, go bird watching at Cousin Island and view the hundreds of species of birds that make their home here. Go diving on Shark Bank or go trekking on Morne Seychellois National Park on the country’s highest peak.

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You can also relax in La Dique or walk through the Botanical Gardens on Mahe Island. Take a hike, literally, to Kopolia Park or rent a yacht out of Victoria, the country’s capital. For a taste of how the locals make a living, visit the Tea Factory then dine on fresh fruit at Le Jardin du Roi, literally “The King’s Garden”.


Though it may seem at first that Seychelles is just another tropical group of islands on the Indian Ocean, it is a very popular destination for visitors because of its unspoiled, un-cosmopolitan air about it. The people here are simple, friendly, and artistic; a good indication that there are many things here that will amaze and fascinate its visitors. If you want to see paradise, visit Seychelles!








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