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Ever heard of the South African Bushveld? Well, it is one of the prime reasons why South Africa is such a popular tourist destination. It is literally a large area of uncultivated land specifically in South Africa. The South African Bushveld has a lot of game farms and reserves and is just a stone’s throw away from the city of Johannesburg. South Africa is country so diverse and colourful it would take a lifetime to fully appreciate it.

Though Apartheid (a segregated political system wherein peoples are separated according to their race and those of European origin are given more favour) had been abolished since 1994, modern-day Africa has been heavily influenced by this very un-democratic form of government and it would do you well to learn more about Apartheid in Africa.

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Visit the Museum of Africa and the Apartheid Museum to get a better grasp of how life had been during this time of racial discrimination. Imagine, if you can, living in a world where the government dictated where you can live, what job you can hold, and who you can interact with. Though Apartheid is no longer in practice in South Africa, old habits die hard and racial discrimination in politics and society still continues to be a problem.

Europe’s romance with Africa is manifested in its popularity as a tourist destination for Europeans, especially Brits, who just want to get away from it all. They can indulge in the white man’s fantasy of big game hunting on some of the country’s game reserves or just take in the beauty and majesty of a mostly untamed, wild world.

People come here also for the unique cultural experiences such as indigenous African art, music, and dance. There is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world. The Zulu and Sotho traditional music had been successful infused into modern-day African American rhythm and blues, jazz, and blues producing music that has been recognized internationally and has won many awards. As is usually the case, South African dance had been influenced by protest movements during the apartheid days, not unlike social conditions which have influenced Step dance in North America.

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While history and culture are truly interesting, don’t forget to sample the white, soft, sandy beaches that can go on for miles, giving you a feeling of being one with nature and give you a better appreciation of how beautiful and spectacular the world can be. This experience is doubly magnified if you spot a “Southern Right Whale” if you so happen to be in the country from June to November, the times when these particularly species of whale come a-visiting. This is definitely a must-see event.

Even if you are in a cage as you view them, the great white sharks can be very scary, even for the most daring and adventurous. The realization of what these ultimate predators can do to you with their rows of razor sharp teeth had you not been within the protective area of the cage is the ultimate thrill-seeker’s dream experience.

In Cape Town, over a thousand meters above sea-level is the Table Mountain Cableway. See everything from this great height; Cape Town, Robben Island, Devil’d Peak, Lion Head, and the Twelve Apostles. No Cape Town holiday is complete without experiencing this attraction.

Take a ride on the “World’s Leading Luxury Train” and travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town in style on the Blue Train. South African Rail Travel in combination with the luxury and charm of the world’s leading hotels and you get an unforgettable travel experience. The excellent cuisine and the spectacular view of the surrounding countryside as you pass by is a journey of a lifetime and a “must” for those who love the finer things in life.

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Have you ever seen those animated shows wherein the character is depicted riding on an ostrich? Want to try it yourself? Well, you can! At the Ostrich Palace you can experience everything “ostrich”. A remnant of a bygone era when it was haute couture to where ostrich feathers, the Ostrich Palace had been designed as a breeding ground for ostriches precisely because of these prized feathers. When the trend of wearing feathers went out of style all that is left are the ostriches and a reminder of the riches of the “feather boom”.

These are only some of the things you can do and see in South Africa. The best way to really know about this beautiful country is to experience it… so visit South Africa today!













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